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The Military Medic to BSN Partnership Program uses an individualized approach to ensure that military medics receive employment, education, and clinical opportunities where and when they need them while pursuing their Bachelors of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree. Nursing and military personnel who represent practice, education, and employment from across the state are ensuring a pathway for military medics to earn their BSN degree followed by licensure as a registered nurse (RN). The result is a deliberate course where military medics can transition from a military to a more enriched civilian career.

Background of Medic Capabilities

Military medics have extensive medical training and practical experience in the respect that many medics lead emergency departments, conduct life-saving procedures, and administer care based on the needs of the patient in addition to the better known duties of treating battlefield casualties.

Lack of Seamless Transition

Despite this diverse training and experience, upon transition to the civilian world, military medics are not recognized for the knowledge and skills they possess. Often times they can only serve as entry level medical employees within the healthcare system and are commonly working minimum wage jobs. Presently, programs that assist in transitioning military service members into the civilian world are significantly limited.

The Way Ahead

This program further addresses the lack of a transition from a military to civilian workforce and the lack of a consistent and fair process for awarding credit for prior learning (CPL) at the collegiate level. The outcome is a program of partnership with service men and women through nursing education required to earn a BSN. Utilizing our current partnerships with health systems, schools of nursing, community partners, and through building new ones, we will create an individualized pathway for military medics to earn their BSN in the most streamlined process possible.

Benefits to This Program

By creating an individualized, case-by-case review of related military training and experience, we will champion the process so that military medics who participate in this program will be given maximum CPL. Maximizing CPL not only recognizes the valuable and relevant education and training that military medics have achieved, but will decrease the overall cost of earning a BSN, decrease the amount of time it will take to earn a BSN, and facilitate a more expeditious entry into professional nursing practice which positively impacts career sustainability and earning potential. Another benefit to this program is that military medics who complete their BSN and become licensed RNs enter the workforce in a much shorter period of time which could benefit areas of Missouri challenged by the shortage of professional nurses.

Other Services

In addition, this program has developed an on-line portal which will guide the military medic along a path of successfully identifying a civilian academic institution that will award maximum CPL, offer the preferred method of learning, and will take into consideration other relevant factors such as a student success plan, mentoring program, academic lifestyle, geographic preferences, cost, and best timeline for degree completion. Access the resources here.

How You Can Help

We continue to seek out additional schools of nursing and nursing employers who share our vision. We want to partner with others who have a desire to provide valuable resources that aid in employing and educating military medics who have chosen a Missouri institution of higher learning to engage in BSN completion. And in closing, we also invite institutions and organizations who want to offer financial partnerships that will help ensure program sustainability to reach out to info@mocenterfornursing.org for further information.

MEDICS – How to Learn More

If you are a military medic and are interested in learning more, please send an email to info@mocenterfornursing.org to request an application. We will schedule an exploratory call with you to learn more about you and your goals so that we can match you with the appropriate resources.